Top destinations near Lunz am See

Lake Lunz

Distance: 800 m

The only natural lake in Lower Austria, with water that’s good enough to drink! Enjoy quality time in the sunshine on Lake Lunz, either by taking a boat tour, walking around the lake on foot, or on a group swimming tour across the lake.

A beautiful seaside resort is located directly on the lake, complete with diving platforms, a large sunbathing area and buffet. In addition, there are floats and a floating stage which serves as a sun terrace during the day. In the evening, the stage and diving platforms transform into unique spots to watch the beautiful lake as the sun sets.

Haus der Wildnis

Entfernung: 500m


Bedrohliche Entwicklungen, wie der Klimawandel und das Artensterben, schreiten gefährlich rasch voran. Um diesen Herausforderungen zu begegnen, werden ökologisches Grundwissen und ein Verständnis für natürliche Prozesse immer wichtiger. Das Interesse am Wildnisgebiet ist in den letzten Jahren allerdings stark gestiegen. Aufgrund der strengen Naturschutzbestimmungen auf unseren Flächen und um diese sehr sensiblen Lebensräume samt ihren seltenen Tier- und Pflanzenarten nicht zu gefährden, darf jedoch nur eine begrenzte Anzahl an geführten Exkursionen ins Gebiet stattfinden.

Die Lösung dieses Zwiespalts liegt im HAUS DER WILDNIS. 

Hier kommt man dem einzigartigen Urwald so nah wie nie zuvor. Die modern und interaktiv gestaltete Ausstellung macht die komplexen Zusammenhänge in der Natur und deren Einzigartigkeit für alle zugänglich.


Ybbstal Cycle Route

Distance: directly from the hotel

The Ybbstal cycle route is a new highlight for the Mostviertel cycle network. All along the river Ybbs, from the Danube to Lake Lunz – the 107 km Ybbstal cycle route comprises magnificent nature and cycling experiences.

The heart of the route, between Waidhofen an der Ybbs and Lunz am See, is particularly suitable for families and leisure cyclists. First running through the gently rolling landscape surrounded by cider pear trees, the route then takes you through the alpine region of the Iron Trail. The 107 km of the Ybbstal cycle route not only connects the Danube with Lake Lunz, it also brings together the gentle and wild sides of the Mostviertel region.(Source:

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Dürrenstein Wilderness Area

Distance: 15 km

Mendling Valley

Distance: 20 km

The last functioning log driving centre in Central Europe is located in the Mendling valley. Along a 3 km trail over wooden bridges and through beautiful riparian forests, you’ll pass a mill, a Venetian sawmill and fish ponds before you arrive at the snack stop.

The Mendling valley was also named one of Austrian broadcaster ORF’s “9 places – 9 treasures”.

Hochkar: ski & hiking area with 360° Skytour

Distance: 28 km

In winter, the Hochkar is the top destination in Lower Austria for winter sports enthusiasts. But even in summer too, the Hochkar has become one of the most popular destinations in Lower Austria:

over 150 km of marked trails are ready for you to explore.

Walking tips


Since 2015, brave people have been flocking to the Hochkar’s 360° Skytour to climb up to Lower Austria’s highest observation point and enjoy the magnificent views over the Ybbstal Alps. The 8.5 m viewing platform hovers over a 120 m drop.

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Ötscher Nature Park (The Grand Canyon of Austria)

Distance: 12 km

The Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park was established in 1970, covering the area around the Mostviertel’s biggest landmark: the Ötscher mountain. Covering 170 km², the Ötscher Nature Park is the largest nature park in Lower Austria. The park also features trenches around the Ötscher, with unique nature and numerous waterfalls. Many people refer to the Ötscher trenches as the “Grand Canyon of Austria”.

The Ötscher’s peak is 1893 m high, and its surroundings offer good conditions for hikers, mountain bikers and nature lovers to explore. From its peak, you’ll experience one of the most beautiful panoramic views in the whole of Lower Austria.

Mariazell Basilica

Distance: 34 km

The spiritual and religious centre of Central Europe.

Standing at 85 m long and 30 m wide, the church has featured several building styles and serves as a point of pilgrimage to this day. The original church was built in Romanesque style, and the second was a Gothic church with three naves – the Gothic central tower (90 m high) is a visible remnant from this. The basilica, as it looks today for its pilgrims, was created by conversions during the Baroque period beginning in 1644. The famous church architect Domenico Sciassa was responsible for this, and in doing so created one of the first ecclesiastical buildings of the Austrian Baroque. In 1907, the church was made into a papal basilica. Even today, this national shrine of Austria is the spiritual and religious centre for Catholics in the Danube region and shrine to the Virgin Mary in Central Europe.

Ybbstal Brine Bath in Göstling

Distance: 11 km

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Palfau Gorge

Distance: 30 km

Narrow canyons, intoxicating waterfalls, views deep into the hollow as well as out across the landscape: the gorge landscape has everything you could want for an exciting hike, and much more.

Crossing the large Salza suspension bridge at the entrance to the gorge, you’ll wander slowly step-by-step up the wooden path past five imposing waterfalls. You’re rewarded at the end with views deep into the hollow of the spring and also great views over the Salza valley.

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Bruckners Erzbräu

Distance: 5 km

Bruckners Erzbräu brewery can be found at an altitude of 725 m on the Grubberg, and is one of the highest located breweries in Lower Austria. The name “Erzbräu” refers to the Iron Trail, along which precious iron ore from Erzberg used to be transported to blacksmiths in the Erlauf valley. They produce organic beers, craft beers and whiskey.

Their brewing water comes directly from the source on the mountain. You can taste the freshness! The malt and other raw ingredients come from carefully selected suppliers, many of which are friends and work closely with nature. Genuine Erzbräu is only brewed using these precious ingredients. Enjoy their high-quality, unfiltered beers. The brewery offers guided tours and has a shop selling their own beer products.

The Königsberg Bike Park

Distance: 32 km

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Ötscher Limestone Cave

Distance: 20 km

The Ötscher limestone cave is located within the Ötscher-Tormäuer nature park. The ascent to the limestone cave goes from the “Schindlhütte” through the wildly romantic Rosskogel trenches. Young visitors will enjoy exciting puzzles on the experience trail during their ascent.

The Ötscher limestone cave is 575 m long and 54 m deep, and it offers plenty of things to admire. Among other things, you’ll see millennia-old stalactites, sinter formations, an underground lake and a “fairy-tale” hall.

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Charterhouse in Gaming

Distance: 10 km

The charterhouse in the village of Gaming was inaugurated in 1342 and secularised in 1782. As the largest charterhouse in Central Europe, it was one of the most lavishly decorated monasteries in Austria during its prime years.

Must-see sights: the church, the Baroque library, and the prelate room.

Im Winter wird zum stimmungsvollen Adventmarkt in den Prälatenhof geladen! Die Kartause Gaming beherbergt auch eine eigene Brauerei, in der das “Kartausenbräu” hergestellt wird.