What good is great food without the right atmosphere?

In addition to the great pleasures being served up on your plate, the Hotel Zellerhof restaurant is also a treat for the eyes. A nice lunch or dinner in a choice location provides comfort for the soul. Whether you choose our lounge, the dining hall or the guest garden, we have just the spot to bring the right ambience to any occasion: Each are furnished in different ways, inviting our guests to become well acquainted with the Hotel Zellerhof, and come to cherish it more with each visit.

Stylish yet rustic, traditional yet distinct – OUR LOUNGES

The Hotel Zellerhof restaurant captivates with its charmingly decorated rooms. Each room allows our guests to be looked after and indulged for each personal occasion and celebration.

Dark room (35 persons)

As the name implies, our dark room is characterized by its unique dark wooden tram ceiling from the year 1619. This blanket gives our room a very special character. A large rock table in the middle of the room makes the dark wood stand out perfectly. The room can accommodate 35 people - ideal for small-scale celebrations.

Helle Stube (35 Personen)

The exact opposite of the dark room is our bright room, which was made of light wood and smells unmistakably good. The modern interpretation of the surrounding mountains and the warm wood on the walls create a homely and atmospheric ambience for about 40 people.

Hall (120 persons)

Our spacious hall is the perfect location for large-scale celebrations. Due to its dimensions (12 m long and 6 m wide) you can make it very individual. Whether wedding, confirmation or birthday, our hall is the perfect celebration location in Lunz am See. The mix of wood, columns and painting give the room a very special charm. The highlight of the hall is the dance floor on the pedestal at the end of the room. Among other things, the hotel guests are offered a breakfast buffet.

Winter garden (25 persons)

Our small, fine conservatory is the perfect place for your lunch. Bright and friendly with a view of the beautiful courtyard, where the blooming roses almost forget the food.

Herz'l Stüberl (40 persons)

Another gem among the parlors is the Herz'l Stube, which looks out on a small hill at the end of the hall. Cozy and lovingly furnished, it offers the perfect setting for a festive evening in a group of up to 40 people.

Outdoor dining area (60 persons)

Our beautiful garden in the courtyard invites you in the summer months to spend some nice hours in the Zellerhof with good food and refreshing drinks.